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There are many Management consultancies. Their expertise and fit is not always easy to verify. That's why it's important for us to be transparent and what we stand for.

CONSULTANT-NET is Your Companion for the Success of Your Change Projects.

What makes us special


We say what we think and do what we say - but with a sense for the right moment, we create a maximum of trustful cooperation.


As consultants, trainers and coaches, we take on your challenges with full passion. However, we are not idealists , but are always looking for innovative and practicable solutions.


We see ourselves as a partner of equal footing with our customers as well as with their internal customers.


We call things by name, but respect other views and perspectives.


We face the task with full power and illuminate the supposedly small things without losing sight of the big picture.


We are unconventional and creative, but move confidently on any ground.

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