Virtual Collaboration and Leadership
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Virtual Collaboration and Leadership

Virtualization of Work: A New Reality

The Corona pandemic is fundamentally changing the way companies manage their employees and how they collaborate. In dealing with the crisis, entire teams or the entire company are currently shifting their work to their own home offices and virtual spaces. Assuming that digitalization and virtualization in the world of work will continue to accelerate independently of the current crisis and that the proportion of employees in home offices will continue to grow strongly in the future.

In times when essential work steps are done distantly within a company or between companies, effective virtual collaboration becomes a critical success factor. Take the opportunity to prepare for the future with us today.

Virtual Set-up: Enabling successful work from the home office with the right equipment.

Have you asked yourself these questions as an employee or Manager?

  • How do we create the right infrastructure for everyone?
  • What technical requirements must be in place so that everyone is adequately equipped?
  • What are the right collaboration tools for us?
  • How do I train my employees to use these tools?
  • What is the best way to hold targeted online meetings?

Our experts will be happy to help you with your questions relating to the technical infrastructure and enabling your employees to use virtual tools. In a short time, we will help you and your team get off to a full start.

You already have the necessary infrastructure, but you have the feeling that the work of your virtual team is inefficient, misunderstandings arise constantly, or do your employees feel that the collaboration isn't personal and demotivating? Take the first step in clarifying the important issues of virtual collaboration and leadership together.

Virtual Collaboration - Working at a distance requires a balance of structured approach and mutual trust

The unfamiliar situation of suddenly not seeing your team, employees or colleagues in the office, is a big change. Mutual trust becomes more important and often has to be built up first. At the same time, a framework of orientation must be agreed upon to ensure a structured approach.

Especially if you are not used to this kind of cooperation, it causes uncertainty for everyone involved:

  • Are we losing the overview? Who does what?
  • How do I ensure communication and team spirit?
  • How should arrangements be made? By e-mail, by audio or video call? Is a one-on-one meeting enough or should the entire team be involved?
  • How do we make critical decisions together without setting up a physical meeting? How do I deal with conflicts and difficult issues?
  • Can I keep my employees motivated?
  • How do we treat each other considerately when personal needs are at the forefront?
  • How do I lead a virtual team?

We at CONSULTANT-NET are used to working together effectively in virtual teams and know from various customer projects how to successfully overcome spatial distances and lead your employees and (project) teams into virtual work as quickly as possible. This wealth of experience helps us to put ourselves in the shoes of our customers first hand and to be able to offer solutions tailored to the respective challenges.

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However, virtual working is not only a new challenge for employees and teams - it also requires Managers to change the way of leading, communicating and assessing performance. Employees need orientation, encouragement and feedback. Managers must therefore adapt to this "new reality" rapidly.

  • What are the priorities in these times in our work?
  • How do we organize the achievement of our goals in the virtual space?"
  • What will happen to my workplace in the coming weeks?"

These examples are representative of countless questions that the situation currently brings with it. Managers are currently very challenged by this and not only have to find their own way in an unfamiliar work situation, but also have to be an anchor themselves. We at CONSULTANT-NET are also in state of a virtual organization and have to face all these challenges in our daily work. Based on our experience as change consultants, we therefore offer you as a Manager targeted support, exactly where you need it - virtually, of course.

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