Human Resources Management
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Human Resources Management

Today we get your human resources ready for tomorrow

The need for far-reaching corporate changes, digital transformations, new ways of working and working culture - and not least the current pandemic situation - is increasingly putting the focus on the traditional HR area and its function - making it a success factor in the organization that needs to be actively shaped.

New demands at HR: Moving away from the classic HR administrator to a digital innovator, talent and culture Manager as well as future-oriented, strategic consultant for Management.

Perhaps you are also facing the challenge…

… the personnel development measures and programs are not sufficient or no longer suitable?

Strategic HR development is not closely enough aligned with corporate strategy or linked to the needs of individual business units or processes.

… outsourcing personnel development?

In times of continuous cost reduction, many companies are considering outsourcing their personnel development. But how do you find the right service providers and partner network?

… identify, find and retain the right people for the right job?

How do I find the right people for our company? Strategic talent management picks up on the corporate strategy and derives directly from it. As part of our service, we offer you comprehensive solutions for talent management or succession recruiting and accompany you from the definition of your specific challenge to the derivation of levers and the implementation of your HR strategy in the core HR processes.

… improve the handling of high- and low-performers?

In our experience, retaining employees and Managers who do their jobs well and go the "extra mile" is difficult in many companies. Appreciation and constructive feedback are classic services to our employees that have to be brought back continuously. On the other side, how we deal with low performers? The decline in performance of individual employees and teams can have various causes, which are on a structural, cultural and individual level.

Human Resources is a challenging function. We support you in your projects with our many years of expertise, which are based on classic focus areas of strategic personnel and Management development:

Human Resources Management

CONSULTANT-NET's range of services and the specific role of our employees within can vary greatly. For example, we have customers who only book training courses, through to customers who carry out their entire personnel and organizational development with us. The degree of utilization of our services depends on the concrete needs of our customers.

Employee Development

  • Designing and implementing training concepts
  • Designing and implementing leadership and professional development programs
  • Designing and implementing leadership programs
  • Shaping of follow-ups
  • Accompanying trainings on the job
  • Carrying out coaching sessions
  • Train the trainers
  • Managing internal / outsourced academies

Developing the Corporate Culture

  • Developing visions
  • Developing leadership philosophies
  • Describing corporate values
  • Conducting cultural analyses
  • Developing and conducting group events
  • Accompanying team developments
  • Reflecting the leadership style
  • Accompanying managers in the development of their teams

Defining Performance Benchmarks

  • Develop competency models that fit the company
  • Standardize job descriptions
  • Supporting the selection of personnel
  • Discovering and promoting high potentials for the company
  • Carrying out training needs analyses
  • Designing and carrying out project work
  • Developing and carrying out assessment procedures

Measuring Performance

  • Balanced Scorecard
  • SWOT Analysis
  • 360° feedback
  • Performance review and appraisal interview
  • Lean Management Methods
  • Gap analysis
  • Key figures cockpit

We work in different industries and company sizes, always closely with the Human Resource department - as an important partner for our successful cooperation. We support you in your project with our more than 20 years of expertise!

We get your Employees on Board

We get your employees on board and unleash their potential for the company. In order to do so, we anchor your brand in the way your employees think, feel and act, thus increasing commitment and performance. Using proven approaches, we show you how to implement your brand (identity) in your company, promote brand-compliant behavior and create an appropriate environment for it.

Depending on your individual needs and the situation in your company, we analyze your current status quo, define and prioritize internal target groups, and develop an efficient action plan for effective internal brand roll-out. In doing so, we effectively combine mass media measures with personal communication. The brand values are operationalized and translated into concrete behaviors through targeted training.

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