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Change Communication -
The Catalyst of Change

Your strategy team has successfully adopted a new strategy and already presented it many times within the company, a mission statement representatively visible in your entrance area, the planned change project is explained in detail on the intranet - and yet almost no one acts according to the designed goals.

Even among committed change drivers, commitment stagnates because the hoped-for effects or successes sometimes fail to materialize.

Even the most sophisticated change concept will remain ineffective, if the people affected are not picked up and involved at an early stage.

This is where the great importance of change communication comes in. Not only can it involve relevant employees and remove communication obstacles, it also ensures that the messages are heard and understood.

However, this requires more than an article on the intranet or posters in the hallways or cafeteria, in where employees are to be "sold" the change.

Particularly in change projects, if you want to be understood, you not only have to say clearly what you want, but also listen. Allowing employees to have their saying is an essential task of change communication and lays the foundation for the planned change not only to be "sold" but also to be bought in by employees in the sense of a "buy-in.

Really reach target groups

We believe that effective change communication should be aligned with the phases of change. Only if the right thing is communicated at the right time, acceptance can be carried out be created and target groups be mobilized.

In the rarest of cases, one communication channel alone is sufficient - as a management consultancy, we put together the right mix of methods and measures tailored to your project. Always with a view not only to sending a message, but also to entering into a dialog.

Successful change communication depends on the right format for the right target group at the right time. At the beginning of the process, for example, the focus is on the meaning and purpose of the project in order to work on the acceptance of those affected. In later phases, other topics come to the fore. We understand change communication as accompanying measures and interventions to the actual project.


Here, we work closely and thoroughly with you as our customer and the important communications departments during the consulting phase. Targeted coordination and close coupling between the project-related change measures and the communications team is crucial.

Whether accompanying change programs or adjustments in the area of cultural change, reorganization, implementation of new processes and rollouts - we translate our many years of consulting experience into emotional, experience-oriented, digital training and communication measures.

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