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Sales Strategy and Implementation

A successful company is literally worth its weight in gold. The central bottleneck here is sales. In the sense of an operational corporate function, sales ultimately ensures that products or services are made available to customers and that they can be experienced.

However, difficult market situations and increased competition are making it increasingly difficult for many companies to stay in the market or to build on past successes. Services that sold themselves just a few years ago, must now be actively marketed by sales managers, and yet often the usual prices can't be achieved.

In the context of current consulting projects, we often hear statements like the following from our customers:

  • We have not managed to increase our turnover and sales for years.
  • Sales opportunities are often given away!
  • Sales is too expensive and must become more efficient!
  • Cooperation at the interface between inside and outside sales has never worked.
  • Brand? That's the responsibility of those in the black suits in the ivory tower. That's none of our business.

Reasons behind the statements mentioned here are so complex and diverse that we offer you support in sales issues on different levels:

Sales Strategy and Management

In this environment, it becomes essential for survival to strategically target sales concepts and sales structures at profitable markets, market segments or even a few important key customers. Does your company have a clear focus on specific products and services as well as a clear strategy for customer relationship management? Do you really know your target group and their needs in detail? If there is a lack of facts and figures, we recommend a comprehensive situation analysis to start developing a sales strategy.

Reorganization of Distribution

You want and need to establish a contemporary and efficient sales organization, which at the same time ensures the customer orientation of your company? You need to optimize sales costs, and how can you do this without jeopardizing customer orientation and sales and without letting employee satisfaction suffer? You want to introduce a new sales structure - but how?

Reorganization of Sales Processes

Where success in sales no longer comes naturally, you need to integrate yourself into the customer's decision-making processes at an early stage and work the market proactively. Seeing the need to optimize the sales process in such a way that all sales opportunities are actively exploited and your sales force systematically accompanies customers to the conclusion of a contract. Both pre-sales and sales support need to be optimized, but after-sales support should also be organized in such a way that more follow-up orders are generated. Or the classic, you want to optimize the cooperation between office and field sales?

Sales Optimization: The Role of the Inside Sales Force

Many companies realize that the salesperson or sales manager, especially in B2B, has at most one or two personal contacts with the customer per year, but the inside sales staff and project managers are in contact with the customer much more frequently. In this case, the ongoing contacts of the inside sales and service staff determine whether the salesperson will be welcomed or met with rejection on the next order or personal sales call. Have you also already recognized your "second audience" for sales success and are therefore asking yourself what needs to be done to optimize the sales performance of relevant employees? How can interfaces between inside sales and field sales be optimized?

Internal Marketing and Sales Training

Do your employees also know your customers? and has customer orientation also become anchored in their thoughts, feelings and actions? Do your sales team members without direct customer contact also see themselves as a relevant "second audience" for sales success? How much power does your sales team have? Do you have the right people on board and are all the necessary skills (including negotiation skills) available? Or does something have to change? Can you turn good salespeople into excellent top salespeople with targeted sales training?

Brand Focus in Sales

You have recognized the necessity of a strong brand for your company's success and are faced with the challenge of developing your brand and communicating it without contradiction across all contact points? Are your employees already acting as enthusiastic ambassadors for your brand or do they still need to be convinced?

When it comes to changes in a sales organization as well as holistic Brand Management, experience in Change Management is a decisive advantage. Our consultants are happy to assist you in all areas - strategy, reorganization, process, competencies as well as internal marketing/internal brand management. Let us pick up the trail and see what your team needs ... We are happy to support you on-site at your company or, if required, in the form of online consulting.

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