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Change Management

You are looking for a management consultancy because you have adopted a new strategy, defined new processes or initiated a new project that is critical to the success of your company.

  • How do I anchor the strategy in my organization?
  • How do I communicate the change effectively?
  • What skills do the managers and employees in my organization need, in order for planned changes to take effect?
  • Which measures by which people at what point must be taken, for the change program to be sustainably effective?

We shape your corporate change together

Through professional management and support of the necessary change process, it is possible to have a positive influence so that strategies, processes or projects are practiced by your employees and can lead faster to the desired success.

However, change management is not a sole purpose but rather always has a specific cause. The reason for the change is decisive for the further procedure. Depending on the situation and the customer's wishes, we can offer general support on following working levels:

Levels in Change Management

With the help of these levels, we clarify basic questions and develop fundamentals as to why something should change and who actually really is affected by it and to what extent. Together with you, we get to the bottom of the matter and can give initial indications and recommendations as to what needs to change and what does not. Do you need a change in your corporate culture or in your structure? Do you need an organizational development? Or does the strategy need to be adjusted once again? Our management consultancy specialized in change management can help you find out what you need.

It is worthwhile to already do good and thorough work at the acceptance level in order not to start in the wrong direction out of actionist and wrong basic assumptions. Furthermore, an ongoing review of level 2 (conception) as well as level 3 (realization) is as well recommended to clarify whether the understanding of the cause of change ("Why Change?") is still the same.

If necessary, modifications are made to again draw the correct conclusions and initiate the right applications at the right time.

Our change management consulting is based on a phase-oriented approach that has been tried and tested for 20 years. Our approach focuses on four central change levers with different emphases in each phase:

  • Motivation and insight
  • Role models and culture
  • Skills
  • Structures and processes

In the process...

  • we ensure acceptance of the changes among people
  • we mobilize the will to change among employees and managers
  • we ensure that people and the organization have the necessary skills for change
  • we finally create a sustainable commitment to the change

Depending on the customer's wishes, we go the whole way with you, from situation analysis and development of measures to implementation and control. In doing so, we support you on different levels, either as a consultant, trainer, coach, moderator, mediator and/or in the background as a high-performance agency. In any case, we work out customized solutions for you that work.

Analyze requirement for change
Activate change agents
Create sense of urgency
Set goals
Develop programs of measures
Communicate change concept
Awaken change energies / create change capability
Identify barriers & drivers of implementation
Identify & manage conflicts & risks of implementation
Implement priority measures
Implement follow-up projects
Ensure short-term goals and successes
Monitor and sustain achieved goals & successes
Anchor the change
Ensure of Change willingness / ability to change

CONSULTANT-NET is highly experienced in change management and offers great added value as an external mirror of your previous approach. We want to support you in implementing your change projects successfully and sustainably - with fun and commitment, with heart and mind. This spirit spices our wealth of experience with a pinch of unconventionality: When our consultants come, things do change.

Our social competence, our intuition for group dynamics in organizations, but above all the personality of each of our consultants leads to people being taken along with regard to planned changes. We turn those who are affected into participants - and your employees ideally into enthusiastic parties. We pick people up where they are and show them viable ways to get involved with the new. We are happy to help you successfully manage your upcoming changes.

You want to know more about our concrete approach in specific cases? Interested?

Make an appointment with one of our change experts. We are available for you both on-site and in a virtual setting.

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