Training in all facets.
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Training in all facets.

Training development for Employees, Managers and Teams is a key component of our service offering.

Thanks to 20 years of experience as a Management Consultancy, mainly in German, English and French-speaking countries, we have a correspondingly high level of expertise in tailor-made training development in a wide variety of facets: whether as standard training or training curricula specially tailored to the needs of our customers, as individual training or modular training programs - we are the right partner for you if you are looking for an experienced partner for your personnel development.

Regardless of the specific purpose of the training, we believe that training should not only convey content through methods. We focus on activating learning methods, but rather on exciting design, making it fun for the participants and emphasizing the practical relevance. We therefore make sure to always stay close to the work context of the respective group of participants and to anchor what has been learned in a practical way.

The concepts of our training programs serve clear goals: We want to really reach the participants, enable them to personally engage with the content and support them in transferring what they have learned to their individual work practice. That's why our training sessions involve reflection, practice and discussion, role reversal, working on our own cases, and networking for mutual support. Because we are convinced that this is the only way to achieve sustainable success.

Training courses with several modules follow a coherent overall logic and are interlinked. Each module has a clear thematic focus, which is structured according to the following didactic model:

  • We present models, perspectives and theories and discuss them together.
  • We show how these can be applied in practice and make the theory tangible. This opens a door for dealing with employees and strengthens the feeling of responsibility.
  • We do not provide solutions, but set internal processes in motion by bringing theory and practice together, creating space for experience and methodically supporting collegial learning. In this way, we ensure sustainable knowledge anchoring and enable people to develop solutions themselves.

We are Trainers with Heart and Mind - As well as Ambassadors of Your Brand!

E-Learning as a Response to current Challenges

Due to the currently prevailing Covid 19 pandemic, companies are confronted with a variety of new challenges and changes, resulting in new requirements in the current and future everyday work of employees, managers and teams. Digital forms of communication and learning, such as chats, video conferences and webinars, offer enormous opportunities for corporate training. This is because learning no longer takes place only in the common seminar room and at the individual's desk. Digital formats can be integrated into everyday life and enable trainers, participants and content to be constantly linked with personal professional practice.

The challenge is to integrate the diverse e-learning options with classroom events and traditional forms of learning into a coherent blended learning training concept. We put our focus on the participants: Depending on how close they are to digital devices and how well they can already handle the selected e-learning platform, we integrate webinars into the training process. These media help to anchor the content from the classroom events and support the transfer for employees into their everyday work. However, they must always be designed and technically implemented in such a way that they can be used quickly, without a lot of setup work, and are appropriate for the participants' previous knowledge.

With our digital CONSULTANT-NET LEARNING LOUNGE, we provide our customers with a powerful tool to realize diverse training concepts digitally. Are you interested? Please feel free to contact us!

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