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The topic of 'leadership' is of timeless relevance and, in view of its continuing topicality, it represents one of the most frequently dealt with subject areas for corporate practice.

We offer numerous models and proven concepts like self-leadership to Leadership theories, from understanding Leadership to leadership workshops. However, it quickly becomes clear: leadership has never been as demanding as it is today - already today, challenges for potential and experienced leaders are immense:

It is important to demonstrate emphatic, inspiring and transformative leadership, to challenge and encourage, to be an entrepreneur in one's own company. At the same time to drive forward and implement strategic initiatives, to steer change procedures and to make room for learning processes - all this requires continuous personal development of the Managers.

We are predominantly approached by three groups: Are you a Manager yourself? Are you looking at the topic of leadership from a Human Resource perspective? Or: You wonder how leadership is implemented and lived in your organization?

Become a successful Leader

Your employees are not doing what they are supposed to. The agreed goals only seem to have power on paper and are not seriously pursued. Your company wants to work in a more agile way, but you don't know how to get your team to take more responsibility. You realize that people are different, especially your employees. Wondering how to deal with the growing demands on your leadership role? What is a good Leader? And what does that mean for your personal development?

Our consultants support you with these topics and questions and have practical and tangible answers to your questions. Use our coaches as sparring partners in business or find out about our customized trainings.

Leadership from a Human Resource perspective

You face the challenge of systematically finding, placing and developing Managers. You are looking for the right people for your company, because this is how you as HR contribute to the strategy. Perhaps Leadership was rated poorly in your last employee survey? Or you are currently working on developing your Leadership guidelines? Your assignment may also be to review and teach relevant Management competencies and redefine yourself as an HR business partner. We possess well knowledge in all these fields and have solutions to your questions. Our advise on your tasks and transformations are concretely and with a feeling of political content.

Leadership from the business point of view

As you observe your top team, you wonder how your goals will be achieved, missing backbone and decision-making power in your Management team. For your plans, you need energizers, implementers, solution finders - but at the moment you are being slowed down rather than supported. The mood in your company could be better, and you are aware that this has an impact on performances. You ask yourself what kind of Leadership makes sense for you and how you can implement it successfully.

If you are grappling with questions of this nature, with us you will be in good hands! The demands on Leadership are changing by leaps and bounds in recent years. As a Management consultancy with change experts, we accompany our clients through this development, hold up a mirror to them, help them define their answers and understand Leadership as a real task. So that Management can move forward at full speed and be credible to its team. New thinking will get room and people will like to get involved. We define the appropriate measures for your success.

In order to meet these and other future challenges, Executives and Management need practical support and free learning space. Whether a prospective or experienced Manager - Consultant Net develops new competencies and provides impulses. We coach individual specialists and Executives as well as entire Management teams in their personal and professional development.

Our team has a variety of senior business coaches with years of experience, foundational knowledge to solid industry expertise, and an individualized approach to executive coaching which is personalized to your needs. Our coaches are certified and methodically versed in several coaching schools. We support you - if you wish also online.

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